Welcome | Netflixeveryone! 

I, Hanane Darhour together with Professor Abdessadek Ahl Ben Taleb, we are honored to will lead you through this course, British and American Culture and Society . This is a basic course to students of the English Studies.

Throughout the sessions, we want to give a sense of American and British values, traditions, geography, politics, economics, education, and social life. But equally important, we want to give a sense on the historical background necessary to contextualize these elements and study them through a cross-cultural lens. We  think this course should be of interest far beyond to other people who study in the English department. British and American History, we believe, is not just a chronicle of the past major events but also a set of facts, ideas and images that are alive in the minds of decision-makers and the people until today and that are shaping the present and the future of the USA and UK’ culture, and society as well as shaping their relationship with the rest of the world.

Now, there are three important things if you want to succeed in this course:

  • First attend classroom lectures,
  • Follow with interest the virtual material provided to you via the UIZ platform, an other personal website created by Professor Ahl Ben Taleb and finally
  • Develop resilience for autonomous learning. 

We hope that the variety of techniques, artifacts, videos, photos, oral history, biographies will engage you, spark your curiosity and promote your thoughtful engagement with the content.

We hope you enjoy this course.

Professor Hanane Darhour and Professor Ahl Ben Taleb